Social Media-The Wired In Coexisting with the Clueless

Let me tell you about my niece Kate, she is 13, beautiful and a softball pitcher of local renown!  Recently her team won their championship with her pitching 3 winning games in 2 days!  As the oldest brother to her father, # 6 in line, I wanted to offer my congratulations on her achievement, when I contacted my brother for her e-mail I was told “she only uses Facebook, she sees e-mail as old technology”.

Shortly before this reminder of my dotage, I had visited my daughter and her family inclusive of 9 and 7 year old granddaughters.   When I inquired about how they were enjoying a notebook I had given them for the holidays was working, they referred to it as “too slow”.

I realized the “old and slow” references were more insightful than I deemed, despite prompting my desire to just drive straight to Happy Valley to check myself in

Those of us in our late 50’s, 60’s and older weathered a revolution that candidly we underappreciated.  Communication as we practiced it as people and workers no longer exists. 

The above would have remained intellectual musings absent a venture currently underway at Discussion Partner Collaborative, where we just completed a global survey of 150 CEO’s on their near term Human Capital aspirations.  This is the second year of our survey and the “constructive use of Social Media” rose from #7 to #3. 

When this first surfaced as a finding in 2010 we were surprised.  As we look at the factors of the success of the “Facebook Movie”, the potential IPO value of same, performance of the recent Social Media IPO’s, and the given that global communication is now instantaneous, we are no longer surprised: moreover we are encouraged.

The 2010 survey indicated that CEO’s were concerned about “misuse and abuse” of Social Media to the detriment of their enterprises.  This year, 2011,  their sentiments are focused on constructive endeavors, “communication, research, and collaboration”.

The most recent edition of the Harvard Business Review was principally devoted to Social Media and its power.

It appears that the CSuite is starting to get caught up with Kate and her younger cousins Ada Zane and Zohy Dakota.