Human Capital-What is on the mind of Global CEO’s?

As part of the resarch for Talent Readiness-The Future is Now! a study of 15o CEO’s was conducted focused on the question “what do you require in the Human Capital domain to prosecute your near term business case:.

Among the Top 10 most frequently mentioned several stand out as insightful:

  1. Simplification-CEO’s want the processes and supporting templates to be less complex and more user friendly.  The days of “11 page performance appraisals” are numbered.
  2. Total Rewards Reinvention-The use of stock as an exapmple needs to be revisited.  Two compressors, the actual value and therefore usefulness of stock during the downturn, and more strategicly, the use of stock at all for Gen Y who do not plan their careers with protracted vesting windows.
  3. Leveraging Social Media-CEO’s were concerned, before the turbulence of Wiki Leaks, of the use and potential misuse of Social Networking.  They want some entity, not IT!, to coordinate its strategic use, and also in a non trivial way, avoid embarassment.
  4. Leadership Effectiveness-They want to see innovative approaches for development limited to 2 groups, high potentials, and essential players in critical roles.

What also came through from the study was the impatience and militancy of the CEO’s regarding the level of service they perceive they have been receiving from their “supposed HR professionals”.  Some rather provocoative comments and actions were surfaced during our resarch in this regard.

Tom Casey-January 28th 2011


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