You Are Turning 60… So What?

I turned 60 a few days ago… beyond the overtures of family and friends and the celebratory activities of my loved one, I tried to pretend it was just another day.  Of course I did this at 40 and 50 as well… just as unsuccessfully!

But 60 is different.   Despite the philosophy… that it is the new 40… my bones and mirror image would suggest otherwise, but that is only the distractions! The question is what do I and my co-ageists do with our next decade… I have to admit that I have many new “spam friends” who want me to stay active with vitamins and REALLY active with Viagra.  There are also those who want to help me plan for retirement which based on these overtures is only a couple of hours away… but really now what!

To make it to 6o for me is a gift… based on the early passings of  family members and my personal experiences it is a true blessing.

I plan on living to at least 90 so as I embark on the next “third” it is nice to do so surrounded by people who care for me.  Most importantly it is important to do so with the knowledge that this will be my best time!  The time where I will make the most contribution to my clients, colleagues, discipline, friends, family, and loved ones.

Tammy Erickson a prolific writer on demographics has asserted that this is a period where those between 55 to 65 will be the fastest-growing segment of the US workforce.  Her hypothesis has been and remains that the contributions and experimentation of the Boomer generation are  going to be a glorious work in progress.

 As I write this opus the Who, whose founding members are even older than I, are performing at the Super Bowl.  Age is not about time, it is attitude and contribution.

 For those of you who share the philosophy that the best time is always what comes next, the 60’s will be a terrific experience!  For those of you who don’t embrace this philosophy…better pay attention…you will get where we are some day!