Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership Effectiveness

2 of the 7 Critical Questions Discussion Partner advisors are being asked during the economic crisis are “do I have the right people to effectively navigate the crisis”, and “after the crisis has abated do I have the right people”?


Unfortunately in our client work the answer to both of the questions is NO!


The economic crisis has brought out the best and less than attractive in many managers and organizations! 


The common denominators DPC has seen that we feel are inhibitors now and in the future are as follows:

  1. There is no objective mechanism in place that realisticly assesses and compares the proficiencies of managers.   DPC takes the position that “Peter is a good dude”, may be lacking the necessary rigor to provide reassurance that you truly have the best.
  2. When the crisis started virtually all developmental initiatives were postponed.  The short and medium predicament this posture promotes is self evident.   How can you be assured of the best talent when you are abrogating the need to invest in skills enhancement?
  3. We have dropped back to the “new best friend” model of assertively hiring during a time when the perception is  there are “better people now in the market we need to get them quick”.   This leap of faith in our experience is misplaced and also has the unintended consequence of alienating your current leadership.
  4. The crisis has been at the expense of the “good citizen”.  Every organization has them.  These are the folks who really drive the enterprise and do not receive the accolades or perks of the high potentials.   Be advised that as the crisis ends, in tandem with the shifting demographics, this alienation will be problematic for engagement purposes.




  1. Transcending the now to the soon the reason the answer is a congruent NO is that the benign neglect for development,  differentiated recognition and reward that existed before the crisis, and during  exacerbated, has not prompted the degree of planning we perceive as necessary to mitigate the situation as the crisis ends.


As we begin to see the crisis diminish, now would be a reasonable time to begin thinking of innovative practices that have been forsaken, or barely received lip service in the recent past. 


The crisis postponed but did not eliminate the impending challenges of talent shortfalls nor managing a differentiated demographic workforce.


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