The 7 Crisis Driven C-Suite Questions

As we are seeing some daylight in respect to the economic crisis my Discussion Partner  colleagues and I have identified the top questions we are hearing from our C-Suite Questions.

  1. What am I missing?
  2. Do I have the right people to get me through this crisis?
  3. After the crisis, what type of managerial skills should my executives possess?
  4. What do I do to plan for the shifting demographics?
  5. How do I exploit the Social Network phenomenon to improve Employee Engagement?
  6. What will the future HR model look like?
  7. Do I have the right skills to be a CEO? During the next several weeks we will communicate our findings via this blog on the above questions.

Question 1-What am I missing?

The CEO community has been heads down for the last 18 months on coping with the economic crisis. In our Executive Advisory work we are finding our CEO clients becoming less focused on restructuring, stock price, and governance pressures. Our discussion has now shifted to address issues of growth and globalization. The common theme among all of the CEO’s whom we have been working with is that the economic crisis has changed the business fundamentals. This has led to our response when addressing the question “what am I missing” by replying “it is hard to say…..we are all navigating as yet unchartered waters” The growth and global issues are interrelated for self evident reasons. To level set expectations in an environment that is at best unclear the determination of strategic intent is focused on the following questions:

  • Do we focus our acquisition efforts outside our host country
  • How do we manage a truly global workforce
  • Given the parochialism of Americans… do we promote a sense of enterprise community
  • What is a reasonable ROI in the context of forecasted turbulent stock market conditions
  • Will the ultimate measurement of intangibles be a benefit to our enterprise

These 5 filters are leading he CEO’s to be highly reflective as they ponder their next steps. An additional finding from our client work is that the consideration of the above will promote improvisation and creativity in human capital strategy


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