Have We Depersonalized Human Resources?

When was the last time you had a face to face interaction with an employee to discuss a problem or just check their status?  The unintended consequence of Employee Self Services and Collaborative Tools is the art of conversation has suffered.  


What then is the consequence?   In the pursuit of effectiveness and efficiency have we gone too far?  Do our employees believe HR has a “human face” and if not do they really care? How does this level of abstract interaction impact employee engagement?


All of the above questions could be answered “it depends” and would be correct.  However, as the economy worsens, we go into yet another restructuring mindset, and appear to be workforce reduction enforcers, what are the implications of employees not knowing us as people?


My co-authors and I would take the position that we can go overboard on the use of technology even with millennial who began text messaging in the womb?


Let us not forget the “Human” part of Human Resources necessitates us to use our toolkits wisely whilst never forgetting that to be truly proficient in our roles, we need to be visible, communicative, interactive, and representative of the “personal” element of our enterprises.




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  1. Bravo! This seems like a discussion well overdue. Technology and social networking have opened up so many doors for us (many of which are fun and unexpected). At the same time, many of us (regardless of the generation) appear to be on technology-overload to the point of exhaustion. All of these tools to make our work so much easier have often become a hindrance to getting anything accomplished. (How does one get through 350 emails a day successfully, on top of checking wikis, blogs and other networks???)

    I personally could not imagine taking a step (or leap) backwards and not have the technologies and self-service options any longer. H (Human) R (Resources) needs to be that one area in an organization that can still have real people with real person-to-person communication skills that stand out above the technological processes.

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