If You Listen Closely You Can Hear the Hoofbeats!

Those of you who read USA Today July 15th may have caught an intriguing article.   It highlighted the challenges faced by a consortium of universities and companies to promote technical degrees among today’s students.


The target for this group was to induce 400.000 students to major in the math or sciences.  Their record of success is approximately 250,000.   Their efforts are to be applauded….but their challenges are daunting.


Isolating one degree track, computer science, there has been a decrease of 39% since 2000.   Other disciplines have also seen a significant decrease.


So where are the students?  When you look at the declining birth-rates and you come to realize they were never born…..it is self evident.  When you add the fact that there is a real question in the mind of the Gen Y cohort as to a sense of urgency and/or the necessity to matriculate you have additional considerations restraining success. 


The questions that are being raised by academicians and thought leaders like Tammy Erickson are:

1.      What can be done to induce those who are attending college to major in these disciplines?

2.      What alternatives exist to train non matriculating Gen Y’s in technical disciplines?

3.      What is the role of academia in support of non degree granting endeavours?

4.      What is the role of enterprises in concert with/or independent of academia to insure a steady flow of talent?


The need for technical talent will be unabating!  Any and all initiatives are necessary for any company to address their talent needs



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