The Information Technology Perfect Storm

The concept of workforce planning has been a core Information Technology (IT) initiative for quite some time. For the most part, it is a mathematical or formulamatic exercise focused on predicted labor growth minus anticipated departures equals hiring needs. Oftentimes there are bells and whistles in the process: but if we are being candid, the above, for the most part, constitutes a workforce plan.


This calculation was easier to do over the last four years during the recession, but as you will see, the ability to create a meaningful workforce plan is becoming a very difficult challenge for IT managers.  The complexity is derived from the reality that as we move further into the new millennium, we are encountering a labor market “perfect storm.” This phenomenon can be attributed directly to the shifting demographics of both the domestic and global workforce, post-recession increase in enterprise growth opportunities, and diminishing levels of employee commitment. The storm becomes even more intensified due to the ever-increasing emphasis on globalization coupled with the demand that IT professionals be “innovative” while staying within budget.


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