Avoid Boiling the Ocean Developing a Workforce Plan

The tragic truth is most organizations definition of workforce planning is a modest prediction of how many new people will be needed after attrition.  Those that aspire to more elegance develop these terrificly complicated plans complete with graphs, summaries, dire predictions of calamity, unintentionally creating  confusion….what BSG Concours calls boiling the ocean. 

Our suggestion to Avoid Boiling the Ocean is to concentrate on creating plans that focus on Critical Constituencies with the folliwing Principles:

  • Identification of those enterprise roles that are the most essential and are not covered under Senior Level Succession Plans
  • In the determination of what role is or is not a Critical Constituency use a Mission Criticality framework focused on Core Financials such as impact on Profit and Enterprise Analytics such as relevance to New Product Development
  • Once CC’s are determined conduct a comprehensive demographic assessment on issues such as time to retirement, level of engagement, compa ratio vs. others in Salary Band etc.
  • Conduct an external labor market assessment of these roles to determine the degree of difficulty in hiring endeavors
  • Consider an alternative sourcing stragtegy scenario as part of the analysis

The war for talent is an overused phrase now….but based on a recent SHRM study where approximtatly 70% of respondents indicate they are not concerned about the impact of shifting demogrpahics, it still has relevance today.

BSG Concours in our research and client work anticipate the ability to attract and retain qualified and skiled workers will only intensify.

Consequently we would suggest that workforce planning endeavors focus intially on Critical Constituencies! 


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