Book Review: Understanding Statistics – A Guide for I/O Psychologist and Human Resource Professional

Workforce planning requires knowledge of many domains.  One that is frequently over looked is statistics.  I have read several books on the topic and feel that Understanding Statistics – A Guide for I/O Psychologist and Human Resource Professional by Aamodt, Surrette and Cohen is an good starting point for those needing a refresher. 

Workforce planning describes and analyzes an organization’s employee population in terms of retirement, age, hard-to-fill and turnover data.  Performing these activities for large volumes of data, such as a 10,000 employee workforce is done using statistics.  Yet, most business managers have not calculated r-squared since their sophomore year in college. 

Many managers require a refresher in statistics to be effective in workforce planning.  The book by Aamodt, Surrette and Chohen does just that.  While many books exist on the subject, this book integrates statistics with employee population data, making its descriptions and examples relevant to workforce planning.  While reading this book, you won’t need to figure out how a concept applied to a random sample of 75 Ford F-150 trucks relates to an employee population.

The book addresses the following:

  1. The concept of statistical analysis
  2. Statistics that describe
  3. Statistics that test differences between groups
  4. Understanding correlation
  5. Understanding regression
  6. Met-Analysis
  7. Factor Analysis


If you’re looking for a quick overview of statistics that uses employee population data as examples, then this book is for you.


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